Equality & Diversity

Anti-Racism Action Plan

Anti-Racism Action Plan

Anti-Racism Action Plan

Initially released: 25 June 2020


In the weeks following the global movement that ensued after the murder of George Floyd and countless Black lives before him, members of our Black student and alumni community came forward to powerfully express experiences of racism at East 15. 

Racism is unacceptable and must not be tolerated. We are deeply sorry, and as a School we acknowledge that we must tackle racism head on, both at a systemic level and in our everyday lives.

What's next? 


We have taken time to consult with members of our Black student and alumni community, and have formed the resulting ‘Anti-Racism Action Plan’ which will be implemented with immediate effect.

This action plan builds on work already in place at the School and supports the University of Essex in its commitment to be an inclusive community. The below action plan will evolve to incorporate outcomes that arise from the University’s current listening phase, and further input from our East 15 student community. Moving forward, it will be reviewed termly in every academic year.

We are currently updating the actions and results of our plan, which will be published in Autumn 2023.

Anti-Racism Action Plan
East 15 should be the identity of the UK. It should be a comfortable place to be.
Response from East 15 Black students and alumni Forum to discuss racism june 2020

As a school, we will continue to build a diverse community and proactively support students; we will look for further initiatives that promote inclusion and diversity; we will continue to stand against racism and to show support to our Black students.


If you have suffered racism at East 15, however long ago it may have occurred, we encourage you to report this now so that the school and University are aware of the specifics, can investigate and take appropriate action. You can also email the University directly, or if you feel more comfortable sharing information with the Students’ Union, please contact them via email.


Statements submitted to ‘report and support’ will be seen by the University’s People and Culture Team and a process of investigation will follow.