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These are our most frequently asked questions about applying to East 15.

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Do you hold Open Days?

For more information, please see our Open Days page.

How do I apply for a course at East 15 Acting School?

  • For information on how to apply for an Undergraduate Course, click here.
  • If applying for Masters study, you'll find all the information you need about applying here.
  • If you are interested in one of our Postgraduate Research Degrees, click here


What is the deadline for applying / submitting my audition?

We do not have a deadline, however, we do suggest that you apply and submit your video audition as soon as you can.

We usually don’t close our courses until at least the end of May but may close them earlier if we feel that we have made enough offers.

Do you have an Audition Fee Waiver Scheme?

We believe in fair access to training and therefore provide free auditions to undergraduate applicants from low-income households. Full details, eligibility and how to apply can be found on our 'How to Apply' page.

This scheme only applies to undergraduate applicants and is not open to those applying for masters courses.

Applicants who are only applying to our courses that require an interview instead of an audition are not required to pay a fee.

What do I need to prepare for my audition?

Further information about what to prepare for your video audition can be found on our 'Auditions' page.

Applicants who are only applying to our courses that require an interview instead of an audition are not required to pay a fee.

Can I use source material that is not from a play for my contemporary monologue (e.g., a novel or screenplay)?  

In general, we prefer monologues to be selected from published plays written post 1990. However, if you feel strongly about a particular piece that is not from a play, you may prepare it if your other monologue is from a play.

Do East 15 provide a list of suggested monologues (or a list of monologues to stay away from)?

No, we don't have any preferred monologues for your video audition. Please choose monologues with which you feel a particular connection, whether they are commonly known or less so. Beware of using monologue books to select your pieces: it is essential that you read the entire plays from which your monologues are selected so that you thoroughly understand the character’s circumstances and to whom they are speaking and why.

Some courses do have a preferred list for recall auditions. You will be sent instructions on what to prepare if you are sent an invitation to attend a further audition following submission of your East 15 application and video audition.

Can I use an accent in my audition?  

If you feel that a piece that you have selected warrants the use of an accent, you are welcome (but not required) to do so.

When choosing an audition speech, can I choose a character of any gender identification? 


How strict are your speech time limits

It’s fine if your speech is slightly less than or a few seconds over the time limit.  

How important is it to select a character for my audition who is in my age range? 

We are interested in discovering who you are as an actor. You may choose any character with whom you imaginatively connect.

Do I need one comedic and one dramatic monologue

Not necessarily, although we do ask that the different characters you choose allow you to bring different aspects of yourself and reveal your capacity for transformation.

What is the difference between BA Acting and BA Acting (International)?

The degree you receive from both BA Acting (International) and BA Acting entails the same amount of work to achieve and you work with many of the same skills tutors. On the international course you also receive more voice and articulation classes. Both courses hold the same weight and standing in the industry.

What is the difference between MA Acting and MA/MFA Acting (International)?

The masters degree you receive from both MA Acting (International) and MA Acting have exactly the same weight and standing in the industry. You work with many of the same skills tutors and we promote you with a London showcase for casting directors and agents on both programmes.

The MA Acting programme focuses more on the finer details of the British Theatre industry whilst the international course provides receive more voice and articulation classes.

Students on the MA/MFA Acting (International) course also have the opportunity to attend a Globe residency. On this placement they work with voice, movement and text people from the Globe as well as one of their directors and rehearse and perform a one hour edit of a Shakespeare play on the Globe stage to an invited audience.

What is the difference between MA and MFA?

At the end of their first term, MA students with us are asked to decide whether they wish to take the 1 year MA route or the 2 year MFA one. Even if you have initially signed on for either the MA or MFA, you can change your mind at this stage.

The MA course leads to a Master of Arts qualification and the MFA to a Master of Fine Arts qualification. Both are highly respected, but you may find that some countries acknowledge the 2 year MFA route more than the 1 year MA.


What funding is available to me? 

You can find further information on fees, funding and scholarships in the links below:

Undergraduate fees and funding

Fees and funding for postgraduate study

There may be other industry awards that you can either apply for or be nominated for once you are a student and details of these will be posted on the student notice boards as they become available.

All of our undergraduate courses, including the Cert HE in Theatre Arts, are eligible for UK Government Student Loans. You will need to contact the Student Loan Company directly to check your status and how much funding you are entitled to.

What accommodation is available on campus?

Loughton -

Our Loughton East 15 students live and study in the local area and our Student Services Team are here to help with any questions you may have. Choose between a shared house, living with a landlord or letting a whole house. If you have any questions, contact our 
Student Services Team.

View a list of all nearby letting agencies here.

Southend -

University Square is the on-site accommodation at our Southend Campus. Just a 2 minute walk to the main Gateway Building and Town Centre and a 5 minute walk to our Clifftown Theatre, University Square flats all have ensuite bathrooms and shared kitchens. There is also a large common room, launderette and courtyard.


You can find out more about applying for on-site accommodation here.