Applying to East 15


Auditioning for East 15

Auditioning for East 15

The East 15 audition process is very thorough and has been commended for the opportunity it provides for applicants to demonstrate their full potential.

Applicants will generally receive feedback and suggestions during the audition. Many UK acting schools restrict applicants to a three minute audition; by comparison East 15 offers a period of up to six hours, including opportunities to ask questions and engage with staff.

Campus audition days

Applicants are auditioned at the campus where their chosen courses are based, however, we also offer a number of joint campus audition days.

When choosing your preferred audition date (you can do this when you complete our direct application form) please take note of the following:

  • If you are only applying for courses based at our Loughton campus, please choose either a Loughton or Joint campus date.
  • If you are only applying for courses based at our Southend campus, please choose a Southend campus date. If you are unable to make a Southend date, you can choose a Joint campus audition date, however, the Joint campus dates are held at Loughton so you will not get the chance to see the Southend campus if you choose one of these dates.
  • If you are applying for both Loughton and Southend based courses please choose a Joint campus date. If you choose a single campus date you will only be considered for your course choices based at the campus that you audition at.

Audition dates for 2018/19:

12 December 2018 - Loughton Campus

23 January 2019 - Loughton Campus (If you are applying for MA Acting and/or MA/MFA Acting (International) course and are a non UK national applicant, please select an alternative date. UK national applicants applying for MA Acting can attend this audition) 

09 February 2019 - Joint Campus Audition at Loughton Campus

21 February 2019 - Southend Campus

26 February 2019 - Loughton Campus

02 March 2019 - Joint Campus Audition at Loughton Campus

25 March 2019 - Loughton Campus

26 March 2019 - Southend Campus

28 March 2019 - Loughton Campus

27 April 2019 - Southend Campus

03 May 2019 - Loughton Campus

18 May 2019 - Joint Campus Audition at Loughton Campus

24 May 2019 - Southend Campus

Regional auditions

We do not currently have any Regional Auditions scheduled for 2018/19. Applicants should select a campus based audition date instead when completing their application.

International auditions

East 15 offer a number of opportunities for applicants to audition/interview overseas in these locations and dates.