Twelfth Night | 5:00pm

MA and MFA Acting (International) present Shakespeare's classic

  • Fri 5 Jun 20

    17:00 - 19:00

  • Online

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    Student Production

Twelfth Night


Written by William Shakespeare. Directed by Sonia Ritter.

Oh time, thou must untangle this’.... Illyria, land of passion – and confusion.

A young woman lands there after a shipwreck at sea and... dresses as a boy. And plunges into a sensuous, singular world of misrule, and a lot of poetry.

To top it, there is a scene at the beginning where you hear the set-up. There's a ring, a letter, and some yellow stockings.

Twelfth Night is old, loved and very wonderful. See it.


Kishe Caelan-Wallace, Caroline Cromwell, Jonas Grundtvig, Madison Haugland, Stefan Kent Kahlstorf, Hyeongjoon Kim (Joon), Abbie Levison, Francesca Marcolina, Paula Piotrowska, Kenichi Ri, Juho Vornanen, Han Yan

Watch via our YouTube Channel on Friday 5 June at 5pm. 

Twelfth Night | 5:00pm