IF Festival | 6:45pm

BA Acting (International) presents 'IF' - an annual Festival dedicated to the staging of new international work.

  • Wed 25 Nov 20

    18:45 - 21:00

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    Student Production

IF Festival

BA Acting (International) presents 'IF' - an annual event dedicated to the staging of new work written, directed and performed by graduate year students on the BA Acting (International) course.

Coming soon.

Performance schedule to be announced. Productions include:

Fantom Écrivain | by Kostas Tekkis


Xavier is a great writer of his generation, there's no doubt about that. But what happens when this writer is confronted by the worst block he has ever experienced? 'Fantôme Écrivain' is the story of an artist and his muse in a beach house as they try to write the next best selling book.


13+. This production contains strong language and adult themes which some may find offensive.


Raspberry Field | by Aijamal Nova


An in-progress devised piece about 9 women on a shamanic rite of passage.




Freed | by Thekla Raestrup


Growing up on a farm in North-West Germany, Frieda has always been afraid of going into the cellar. Why, however, has been a mystery to her until she decides to take step after step into the history of the farm and her own subconscious. A play based on real events. 


11+. This production contains scenes of violence, gunshots and face paint that may be frightening to young children.


Kindred Spirits | by Obinna George Ukachukwu


The Spirits have one job that they’re destined to do. If the job isn’t done right, there will be consequences. The only way to avoid a punishment is for the current one to be over.


13+. This production contains scenes of a violent nature and flashing lights.


My Brother lives in the China Hutch | by Olivia Andrews


Hannah is in her final year of high school, and everything should be exciting with graduation coming up and planning for going off to college. But before she can begin to plan for the future ahead of her, she has a list of tasks to complete for a loved one; a promise that will become the biggest mission of her life.  How can you look forward to the life ahead of you when you are in the middle of a family tragedy? How can you cope with grief and still keep on living?


'My Brother lives in the China Hutch' is a play about loss, grief, navigating through life, death and being stuck somewhere in-between.


11+. This production contains strong language and adult themes of alcohol and mental health. 




Six people are stuck in quarantine in an Austrian Skiing Lodge due to exposure to a Covid-19 case at a party. Their different views on how strict the quarantine should be quickly leads to tension.  How long can the human body stay sane without the touch of others? What happens when you are trapped in an environment with no way of showing love and affection? How long until our very humanity crumbles? What starts off as a simple and harmless disagreement turns into a series of bizarre events including a dog, a radio and an Austrian Mountain Cow.


13+. This production contains strong language, violence and adult themes which some may find offensive.


KIDDO! | by Stephanie Hougaard Lloyd


Kiddo is living in a normal middle-class home. SMASH! A carton of milk hits the wall. With a normal middle-class family. SLAM! Mom storms out in anger. Enjoying a normal middle-class childhood. DONG! 10 points to Dad. 5 points to Mom. 

Welcome! Kiddo invites you into her world of colourful costumes, animals, discussion games and family dinners! 


'KIDDO!' is based on real-life events with a twist of comedy and glitter.


11+. This production contains strong language and adult themes of emotional abuse.

IF Festival | 6:45pm

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