Launch: Dead Face Premiere Night | 7:30pm

BA Acting & Contemporary Theatre present 'Launch' - an Online Festival of new work

  • Fri 29 May 20

    19:30 - 21:30

  • Online

  • Event type

    Student Production

Dead Face Premiere Night: An online premier of new films

Presented by Dead Face Productions.

Created by Helene Smed, Neil Staveley and Virginia Ruspini. Mentored by Uri Roodner.

An online cinematic red carpet event where you, THE PEOPLE, can join in watching our series of NEW short films and much more.

Films include;

The Greater Good

Written and Directed by Macadie Amoroso and Hebe Bartlett.

Three teens would kill to go to Summershock Festival and won’t let teachers, GCSEs or the law stop them. 

Cast: Macadie Amoroso, Hebe Bartlett, Molly Rolfe, Virginia Ruspini


Grab Life By The Dog

Written and Directed by Macadie Amoroso.

After a heavy night, Faith wakes up dead, or is it just a hangover?  

Cast: Macadie Amoroso, Virginia Ruspini, Neil Staveley  


Uncle Issues

Written and Directed by Helene Smed.

Bob’s your uncle!

Cast: Virginia Ruspini, Helene Smed

Birds Sitting on A Telephone Wire

Written and Directed by Hebe Bartlett and Isaac Murphy.

The birds are acting strange. Hundreds of miles away, a man follows the hum of a tower. Why can’t he remember? Why aren’t birds electrocuted when they sit on telephone wires?

Cast: Hebe Bartlett and Isaac Murphy 



Written by Lucy Yates. Directed by Isaac Murphy and Lucy Yates.

Janey is in a pit of teenage angst. Tights ripped and eyeliner smeared, she returns from a gig with a pair of sticks that change her rhythm forever.

Cast: Lucy Yates

Take My Shadow With Me

Written and Directed by Jenny Witzel. Sound Design by Jasper Cook.

Lockdown week five, week eight in isolation; Charlton Mackrell, Somerset; three girls in a field.

Cast: Eloise Littman, Emily Littman, Jenny Witzel


The Exquisite Apple

Concept by Mia Juhl. Created by Hebe Bartlett, Jasper Cook, Tyler Hoyland, Mia Juhl, James Malone, Molly Rolfe, Jenny Witzel, Lucy Yates.

Adventures Cross countries, postcodes and WiFi operators, a group of talented young artists have come together to stop, move and lead a little apple out on its adventures into the unknown.


Created by Jasper Cook and Hebe Bartlett. 

An expressionistic silent film based in nature.  


All Launch productions will be premiered on the Launch Facebook Event.

Dead Face Productions will also be live streaming a Premiere night and post-Premiere Awards Show on YouTube.

Link coming soon. 

Launch: Dead Face Premiere Night | 7:30pm

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