Jamie MacLachlan Film Success

East 15's 2003 BA Acting graduate, Jamie MacLachlan had huge success in the USA last week, starring as Roger Bannister in the US movie Four Minutes, which portrays the 1953 success of breaking the barrier of the four minute mile.

Jamie's co-star was veteran screen and stage actor Christopher Plummer. Jamie's picture has been splashed across the press and TV screens in America - with both the New York Times and Boston Herald covering his success in major articles.

Jamie said: 'being offered the role of Roger Bannister was a massive landmark for me, just like breaking the four minute mile was for him. Thankfully I was able to use the skills and ethos that I was taught at East 15, having the time to indulge both physically and mentally before hand, losing over a stone and a half of weight and looking closely at the split world of runner and doctor. It was an amazing experience and working with the likes of Christopher Plummer was fantastic, from the first read through with him my hairs on the back of my neck were on end. A huge learning curve that I will never forget!'

Newsday said: ' Based on a story and script by sports journalist Frank Deford, Four Minutes does have a loving and generous specificity that brings Bannister (played by British TV newcomer, Jamie MacLachlan) and his achievement fully alive. Deford and his executive producers, the TV veterans Gerald W. Abrams and Bud Greenspan, have mounted a taut and well-paced story.'

Four Minutes will be available on DVD in the New Year.