Graduates go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The recent Edinburgh Fringe Festival was a successful launching pad for a number of recent East 15 graduates, with no fewer than six productions by East 15 alumni offering new work created by them.

Terrorist - The Musical received great reviews during it's three week run and it's controversial themes have caused it to be called the next Jerry Springer - The Opera. Jeremy Austin wrote for The Stage, 'There is certainly something very exciting locked inside the potential of this piece. America has won the war on terror and some of the world's most feared terrorist have been forced to form a circus troupe to make ends meet. Then Pope George Bush bans light entertainment and the reformed killers must take arms once more. The musical numbers are well-crafted - of particular note is Jessica Beck, as Patty Hearst, singing a folk number about her ordeal and a Jewish-sounding face-off between Israeli Menachem Begin and Palestinian terrorist Leila Khaled.'

The Opening was devised whilst at East 15 and later developed into a successful show for Edinburgh, at which it was well received. The Scotsman said, 'Love hurts. Sometimes, sex hurts too. Pandora, a towering giant of a drag queen, welcomes you to her late-night cabaret. Pandora ridicules the weak - pointing a mocking finger at the lonely and the sexually inadequate. This is a slick, witty show and certainly entertaining to watch. Mathew Blake is great as the glamorous, imperious dominatrix Pandora.'