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2015 graduates

Eugenie River Eugenie Rose Abbott
Maa-Yarkor Addo Maa-Yarkor Addo
Rebecca Aldridge Rebecca Aldridge
Rafie Americanou Rafie Americanou
Joseph Angelo Joseph Angelo
Hannah Ballard Hannah Ballard
Dani Barbosa Dani Barbosa
Rafaela Barros Rafaela Barros
Andrew Barton Andrew Barton
James Beaumont James Beaumont
David Beckett David Beckett
Nicholas Bembridge Nicholas Bembridge
Philip Booth Philip Booth
Laurence Bourne Laurence Bourne
Harrison Bowles Harrison Bowles
Natalie Bradbury Natalie Bradbury
Char Brockes Char Brockes
Ariann Byrne Ariann Byrne
Sangeetha Chari Sangeetha Chari
Dimitris Chimonas Dimitris Chimonas
Hana Cho Hana Cho
Sungho Choi Sungho Choi
Liam Church-Burton Liam Church-Burton
Matt Clark Matt Clark
Erin Jillian Clarke Erin Jillian Clarke
Mary-Jo Cooper Mary-Jo Cooper
Alice Corvo Alice Corvo
Nicholas Creighton Nicholas Creighton
Jamie Criss Jamie Criss
Francis Joe Cruz Francis Joe Cruz
Jack Davies Jack Davies
Connor Eastman Connor Eastman
Andreea Elena Andreea Elena
John Faulds John Faulds
David Fell David Fell
Izabel Florence Izabel Florence
Belynda Galliard Belynda Galliard
Alex Geoffrey Alex Geoffrey
Laura George Laura George
Lottie Gibson Lottie Gibson
JoJo Ginn JoJo Ginn
Ilkka Hamalainen Ilkka Hamalainen
Kathi Hofmann Kathi Hofmann
Christer Holtan Christer Holtan
Deborah Hoon Deborah Hoon
John James John James
Nora K. Janneck Nora K. Janneck
Connor Keene Connor Keene
Chris Kendrick Chris Kendrick
Holly Kilpatrick Holly Kilpatrick
Jenny King Jenny King
Ingrid Klem Ingrid Klem
Itai Leigh Itai Leigh
Lucas Leigh-White Lucas Leigh-White
Azeem Lone Azeem Lone
Stevie Loraine Stevie Loraine
Rebecca-Jane Mason Rebecca-Jane Mason
Runa May Runa May
Kaya Mey Kaya Mey
Joelle Montoya Joelle Montoya
Ellie Moon Ellie Moon
Katie Morrill Katie Morrill
Neo Mothola Neo Mothola
Trevor Mugarisanwa Trevor Mugarisanwa
Alariza Nevarez Alariza Nevarez
Yeon Ha Park Yeon Ha Park
Hywel Price Hywel Price
Helena Puska Helena Puska
Regina Renee Regina Renee
Meg Rennie Meg Rennie
Oliver Retter Oliver Retter
Daniel Roberts Daniel Roberts
Janna Romstad Janna Romstad
Daniela Rosa Daniela Rosa
Lois Russell-Moyle Lois Russell-Moyle
Stephanie Sanderson Stephanie Sanderson
Caitlin Staebell Caitlin Staebell
Lindsay Styler Lindsay Styler
Majinko Szabo Majinko Szabo
Fabio Tarditi Fabio Tarditi
Oscar Tennessee Oscar Tennessee
Matthew Tillet Matthew Tillet
Lara Van Der Heijen Lara Van Der Heijen
Nick Wakely Nick Wakely